Dental Tourism

Benefits of Dental Tourism:
  •   Cost - The primary driver of Dental tourism, patients can save hundreds of thousands of dollars seeking healthcare abroad.
  •  Anonymity - Some individuals like the fact that they can go on "vacation," and not answer questions about elective or required surgeries.
  •  Value Added Vacation - Patients can enjoy tourism part of Dental tourism.

  •  Minimum Waiting Time –

Many patients in countries with national healthcare face long wait times for important surgeries. By undergoing Dental tourism, patients can bypass long wait times. Dental tourism is rapidly catching up with the advent of cross border mobility and with the growing economy of India. Dental tourism in India is expected to have an annual growth rate of 30%. The reason behind the immense surge in Dental tourism is that it has witnessed a tremendous growth in general all over the world. The increased availability of top-quality Dental equipment, training, and technologies have allowed developing countries to build health care systems that match ,found in western developed countries like the U.S. or Britain and that too at a lower cost. India has also made a conscious effort for dental tourism to comply strictly with international Dental quality standards. Also, due to the fact that English is spoken widely throughout India which is another aspect of drawing a lot of native speakers of English for dental tourism. The government of India has also taken avid interest in the growth of the country’s Dental tourism industry by repairing infrastructure issues that may hinder the industry growth. The economics of India’s dental tourism sector can give foreigners a taste for just how much westerners can save by having a Dental procedure done abroad rather than at home at an exorbitant cost. Besides, India is also a popular Dental tourist destination because of its rich cultural history and popular tourist attractions. A lot of dental clinics in India that cater to western dental tourists set up package with tourism companies so that patients get to enjoy some of the sights and relax in India’s popular attraction sites during their brief journey to India.

Procedure India Procedure India
ISRAEL System with Straight Abutment $328 RCT (Anterior) $45
Israel System with Abutment other than Straight $373 RCT (Posterior) $60
NOBEL BIOCARE/ Dentsply/ Ostem/ Biohorizon/ Dentium $567 Ceramic Inly (Per Tooth) $119
Computer Guided Implant Surgery $672 Dental Jewellery (Skyce Crystal) $52
Porcelain- Metal- Crown(Ni-free) $64 Dental Diode Laser $149
Procera/ Lava/ 3M(Zirconia Crowns/Veeners)- Metal Free $224 Dental Diode Laser $149
Removable Partial Dentures (Imported) 1-5 teeth-each jaw $30 Full Mouth Scaling & Polishing $22
Removable Partial Dentures (Imported) 6-14-each jaw $2 Deep Scaling (Curretage) $15
Upper and Lower Complete Denture(Imported) $239 Gum Surgery $149
E-Max Crown / Veneer $127 Gum Surgery $149
Procera/ Lava/ 3M (Zirconia Crowns/ Veeners) $224 Bone Grafting
Home Whitening Systems(Colgate, Discuss, Dental) $75 Oral Surgery- Impacted Teeth Removal $60
Zoom Advaced Office Whitening-45 Min $209 Oral Surgery- Biopsy $22
Fillings (Flouride) $10 Oral Surgery- Sinuslift $522
Fillings (Composites) $15 Orthodontic(Braces) Treatment-Braces (Metallic)Full Mouth $448
Orthodontic(Braces) Treatment-Braces (Metallic)Full Mouth $448 Orthodontic (Braces) Treatment-Braces (Ceramic)Full Mouth $672
Orthodontic (Braces) Treatment-Braces (Lingual)Full Mouth $1119

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